zaterdag 13 februari 2016

Happy,' working' weekend !

After a busy week, we feel a tremendous need for tranquility and serenity. That means that we seek out the cosiness in our home....

Meanwhile, we are working on some new ideas for soft furnishings for our showroom. Afther 20 years of decorating and showing our potentials as decorators it is a challenge to present every time a new colourscheme and not to be forgotten.... it must also get the approval of our clients !
After so many years in the trade, we can say that we know the needs of our customers. It is therefore evident that we remain faithful to our style because that is the reason that they keep coming back. For some it may seem to be boring or plain, but the trick is to add just that little bit more  to an interior that makes it interesting.  Many  customers are loyal to the so-called Flemish style, whatever that may define...because it is more complex that what you might think...the Flemish style is more than 'greige' colours..
I found this interpretation about 'greige' on the internet...
They liked the idea of simplicity and honesty, the almost-Japanese restraint of his palette: grey, greeny-grey, greige , and all those distinctive non-colours.
Yes...non colours ! So the art to make this non colour interesting is to complement this greige with a touch of other colour(s) because lets be honest: a lot of people love 'greige' is what 'offwhite' colours were for the not to be denied !
so yes...a challenge for the time to come !

I would like to share some impressions of our showroom as it is right now
 & of a private project. We like to add  subtle prints to basic colors and we also like ice blue faded colors to complement an offwhite & greige colourpalet.

wishing  you a very happy valentine weekend !

A decorating project in the following pictures at a clients home..With kind 
 permission of our client to publish these pictures. We decorated the existing interior with complementing objects and provided a dining table in oak with os de mouton chairs, we also added a handmade lamp- shades.
Thanks for your confidence and purchases !

dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Happy Newyear

Our best wishes for 2016

We enjoyed Christmas Eve with the family. Peter & me were surrounded by loved ones..we didn' t need more....It was perfect in all it's simplicity...

 I want to wish all my readers all the best for 2016. 
We are grateful for all the great comments during the past year and we are fortunated to be able to work for all our customers, both new and old.

I hope you will have a wonderful year
That you'll dream dangerously an outrageously
That you'll make something that didn' t exist before you made it
That you will be loved
That you will be liked
That you will have people to love and to like in return
and, most importantly,
because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now,
 that you will, when you need to be, be wise and that you'll always be kind...
Neil Gaiman

I want to share some pictures of our Christmas and new years eve...hope you enjoy

Lots of love

New years eve

maandag 9 november 2015

The simplicity of it all...

It's simple ... to bring a different atmosphere for a decorator? Some people say yes, but I have to admit that this for this change my husband Peter is completely responsible and that it was anything but simple ... he felt the need to make the atmosphere in the room airy without being boring about it, because that was what I was most afraid of....I think he succeeded, despite my doubts ! Obviously nothing is forever and maybe there will be a lot more color again in the near future. We did have a lot of color in the past, so this is definitely not a point of no you might think. I know that a lot of decorators hate working with these colorscemes, but we gladly accept any challenge !
I must also say that more and more customers do fall back on those subtle colors that some years ago were so popular, even though they were more warm white tones. Now, more and more of almost snowwhite to icy blue and green tones are chosen to combine. We are going to combine the sofa with some special print cushions, but for the moment is is already good as it step at a time...

simple and white linnen stores and decoration at a clients appartment

maandag 5 oktober 2015

Inspiration for fall decorating

Since more than 20 years, every time we decorate at our clients homes, we get great response of our clients and we still feel privileged every time because our customers give us this opportunity.
Many customers ask us to finish their interior with objects to complete the overall look and often we have to work around existing object and furniture. It takes tremendous energy to compose a personal proposal ready for the customer.
Fortunately, they give us their full confidence and the achieved results are always satisfying  ! 
Sadly I do not always find the time to take pictures and frankly I do not always want to violate their privacy.
Despite that fact,from time to time I do take some pictures of impressions and given approval of the clients to publish. 
Therefore, I sincerely want to thank them for this privilege and I hope that they will like the following results !

Hope you enjoy my pictures & get inspired too !

All the following decorations, furniture, reupholstery and curtains are provided by us.
Pictures are all taken by me at the homes of several clients.

project  in Belgium

Table, objects and reupholstery of an existing footstool


reupholstery and curtains


coffeetable, carpet and objects 

reupholstery of an existing sofa, cushions, decoration, coffeetable and carpet

Project in the Netherlands

sofa,curtains, carpet an seat

sofa, seat,curtains, cushions, carpet, coffeetable

Project in Belgium
tablecloth,carpet, decoration and lamp

lamp and decoration

consoletable, decoration and lamp


decoration and painting

sofa and cushions

seat and carpet

reupholstery of existing armchairs